Day 1:
In the morning we will pick you up in an air-conditioned vehicle: Accra location of your choice.

Start your day with a climb to the top of the old lighthouse near James Fort in Jamestown with a great view of the city and the busy and colourful fishing harbour.
Wander through the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and later visit the W.E.B. DuBois Centre and the Independence Square.
Experience the busy Makola Market.
Finally we will take you to the Arts Centre,
where you will find a great choice of local hand crafts. Look behind the scenes of the Art Center and enjoy a drumming session with the locals.

Day 2:
Start your journey with a visit in Aburi Botanical Gardens

close to Accra, one of the most beautiful
and peaceful sites in the area.
Continue to Aburi Craft Market to view local handcrafts and enjoy the busy market place.

In the afternoon you will experience yourself the fascinating production site of a beads factory in Ghana. Take part in a workshop and produce your own beads.

Day 3: 
Start the day with a visit in the Monkey Sanctuary and enjoy feeding bananas to the endemic monkeys, who have been protected and restored by the local people through
an eco- tourism project. Visit at a banana plantation on your way. In the afternoon we will continue to the Wli Falls close to Mountain Afadjato. Do a short hiking tour to the lower falls to see one of the most beautiful nature sights in Ghana.


Day 4:
We continue our journey to Mountain Afadjato in the morning, which is the highest mountain in Ghana.
Hike around the area and enjoy the amazing view over Volta Region. Continue to Volta lake to do a relaxing
canoeing ride in the afternoon.

Day 5:
After a scenic drive with beautiful views across the rolling hills we will arrive at Asenema Falls,
one of the hidden gems in Ghana. Learn about the plants and herbs in the region during a guided nature tour at Bunso Arboretum Forest Reserve.
Take a break and walk around the beautiful spot before we will continue our journey to Kumasi.


Day 6:
Continue to the Kente clothing weaving village, Adanwomase in Ashanti region, which carries on the
centuries-old Kente-weaving tradition. After learning about the creation of Kente clothes you will be guided through the community and witness palm-wine tapping.
Continue to visit a sacred Ashanti shrine. Later we will continue to Adinkra village where you can design your own print clothes. Visit a fish farm for the typical Tilapia fish in the afternoon.


Day 7:

After your breakfast we will take you to the Ashanti Kings Palace, which was used by the Ashanti kings until 1974. Take a walk around the historic site and visit the museum.
Later visit the “unmovable” Komfo Anokye Sword,
which is said to be a symbol of unity between
the Nzema and the Ashanti tribe.
Continue to the cultural centre to view the amazing handcraft. End your day with a visit at the busy Kejetia Market, the biggest market in West Africa with over 45.000 stalls.

Day 8:
After starting our journey to Cape Coast, you will visit the Assin Manso Slave River. This river is where captured slaves from the Northern part of Ghana had their last bath before being transported to the Americas.
After learning about this historic site you will visit one of the highlights of our tours, the home village of our founder Enock. After enjoying a typical Ghanaian lunch with his family, you will be guided to the cocoa plantation, which is the main source of income for the village population.
Wander around the area and get a taste of the typical village life
in Ghana far away from the busy city life in Accra.


Day 9:
After spending a night at Cape Coast in Ghana we will continue to Kakum National Park to enjoy the view from the Canopy Walkway over 7 bridges & tree tops at 40m height.
Take a picture in the Crocodile sanctuary that crocodiles and turtles inhabit together with a range of birds.
In the afternoon you can take a walk along the beach site and relax at the beach in the afternoon. Enjoy a typical Ghanaian cultural performance in the evening.


Day 10:
Continue your journey to Cape Coast Castle, which was used to hold slaves before they were loaded onto ships and sold in the Americas, especially the Caribbean.
Later you will visit Fort Williams, which was built in 1753 by the British. Visit an Eco-Tourism community in the afternoon and choose between a batiking, drumming or cooking workshop. Drop at location of your choice in Accra.




Example Tour Prices*:


1 person (1 single room): 2150 EUR per person

2 persons (1 double room): 1400 EUR per person

3 persons (1 double room, 1 single room): 1150EUR per person

4 persons (2 double rooms): 950 EUR per person


*includes mix of basic/medium standard rooms with breakfast,

4x4 vehicle with guide, fuel, entrance fees,

FREE water & WIFI in the car)


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Arts Centre Accra
Arts Centre Accra
Typical landscape in Volta Region
Typical landscape in Volta Region
Hike to the Upper Wli Falls
Hike to the Upper Wli Falls
Volta River
Volta River
Adinkra Workshop
Adinkra Workshop
Village Life
Village Life
Kids in Enock´s home village
Kids in Enock´s home village
Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park
Cultural Performance
Cultural Performance
Cape Coast Castle
Cape Coast Castle

we customize every ghana tour to your needs