Want to experience a true Ghana Safari?

Mole National Park is one of the highlights for many guests when visiting Ghana. During the safari you can see lots of wildlife, like elephants, antelopes and monkeys. In the dry season especially the waterholes are great to spot the animals. Join one of the safari cars or do a guided walking safari tour. Costs for Safari are quite moderate in the park compared to other African countries. And also accommodation is priced reasonable at Mole Motel, which also offers a great view over one of the waterholes in the park. If you prefer a higher hotel standard Zaina Lodge is a great choice for you to stay in the park. And in order for you to see more than the typical Safari Experience you can join on of the canoe tours at the nearby river and watch beautiful birds, lizards and crocodiles. The village population will welcome you and if you like you can even watch a typical cultural performance after your safari. Find out more on our Ghana Safari Tours!

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