Ghanaian Food We Love!

When we ask our guests about their favorite food in Ghana, we get many different answers. This is a selection of some of the  favorite dishes:


Some of our guests love the local dish Fufu. It is a soft dough made out of cassava and plantains and it is eaten with soup using your hand. It is mostly served with either palm-nut or groundnut soup with fish or meat. So if you ever wanted to experience eating with your hands - Fufu is your choice!


Most of our guests also like fried plantain with Red Red. The plantain are sliced diagonally into 1 inch thick slices before they get fried until crispy and brown. Red Red is made of beans, tomato sauce base and palm oil, which gives the stew a red color. This dish is always a good choice and so far most of our guests loved it!


Other favorite dishes include grilled Tilapia fish with Jollof rice, roasted plantain with groundnuts, fresh lobster at the beach or simply fresh coconuts at the roadside.


So if you come to Ghana - try some local dishes and find your own favorite choice!

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